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Select one of our exclusive, beautiful home plans, then instantly customize it!

Choose from multiple exteriors, floor plans, and more to fit your unique taste and lifestyle ... all at no extra cost!

Creating lasting memories

Our home plans are designed with families in mind, incorporating features and layouts that prioritize comfort, convenience, and functionality for everyday living.


We created DREAM BOOK with our patented processes and technologies to help you better visualize your dream home and offer you multiple floor plan options to fit the exterior you choose.

Please browse our beautiful, high-quality home plans, see different exterior designs by clicking the thumbnails next to each rendering, and choose your floorplans with options that can include, number of beds and baths, room configurations, square footage, garages, and more!

Home plans are just $1,995 for a PDF file and $2,495 for a CAD file. Garage plans are just $795 for a PDF file and $995 for a CAD file. Plans are typically delivered in just 1-3 business days

Chat with us via the widget at the bottom right of the screen, or call us at 440-444-3304 to answer any questions you may have and help you to finalize and buy the home plan for your dream home!

We also have garage plans!

Just like our home plans, each garage plan has multiple exterior designs for you to browse and find the one that fits your style!

Free expert video consultation

Our video consultations allow you to see our expert's computer screen while they walk you through the home plans on our site.  We can answer any questions you may have or discuss free modifications.

Set up a time that works for your family below.


Our home plans are created by a team of experts in their fields of architecture, home design, 3d imaging, and homebuilding.

Functionality, efficiency, family, and entertaining are our focus.

A dream book blueprint consists of elevations, floor plans, electrical layouts, wall types, and door and window schedules.

We are happy to help! Just call us at (440) 444-3304 to speak with a professional home designer.

Please call us at (440) 444-3304 for customization options, or you may purchase and bring your dream book home plan to your own architect.

For minor changes, a PDF is sufficient, but significant changes may be best accomplished with a CAD file.

We are always creating new, high-quality home plans and one that fits your needs may be available, but hasn’t yet been posted for sale. Call us at (440) 444-3304!

Your PDF or CAD file is licensed for you to make as many copies as you need to build a single home.

FedEx and many print shops and office supply stores have the necessary equipment to print home plans for small fee.

No, dream book home plans are licensed for the purchaser to build a single home and may not be reused, resold, or transferred.

We do offer this service starting at $2.00 per square foot. If you have an idea for a custom plan design, we are happy to take a look.

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