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Option 1: Select a high-quality blueprint from our in-house catalog

We design and create all the beautiful home plans you see on our site to meet our high-quality standards for design and construction. We don’t take submissions from external architects, and we only offer home plans that we would be proud to build ourselves.

The plans you see on DREAM BOOK are based upon three generations of homebuilding and design experience, and we have also added the expertise of leading renderersso you can see your selections in photorealistic quality instead of trying to imagine what a line drawing of a floor plan, kitchen, or exterior will look like in real life.

Plans start at $1,995 for a PDF file and $2,495 for a CAD file, and offer exterior renderings in multiple façades and materials that give each home a completely different look!

Option 2: Custom home plans in only two weeks

Custom home plans are package-priced by square footage range and number of photorealistic renderings included.

Package 1 - Includes elevations, floor plans, electrical layouts, kitchen layouts, framing, wall types, and door and window schedules.

Package 2 - Adds a photorealistic rendering of the front of the home with 5 different façade options.Renderings will be scheduled after client approval of plans.

Package 3 - Adds three different exterior options to choose from in photorealistic renderings of the front of the home with 5 different façade options. A total of 15 exterior façade choices. Renderings will be scheduled after client approval of plans.

DREAM BOOK is your in-house design and architecture team!

DREAM BOOK knows the challenges of losing a client when they take 3-5 months to find an architect to design a home plan, or the seemingly endless (and frequently fruitless) slog through online blueprint sites trying to find a plan of reasonable quality that can be adapted for the client.

DREAM BOOK was created to help home builders and their clients to quickly find a ready-to-build, high-quality blueprint that you will be proud to build and they will be proud to live in. We invite you to look at our home plans and we are confident you will be impressed with what you see. 

Contact DREAM BOOK today!

Call us at 440-444-3304 with any questions, or click the button below to schedule an online consultation for yourself, or with your client.

The home plan to start your build may already be waiting for you!

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