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2869 sq. ft. ... 3 beds ... 3.5 baths ... 2 bays

66'0" wide ... 48'0" deep ... Two Story


The Linneaus s a 2,869 square foot, two-story, farmhouse design with 3 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, and a detached, 2-car courtyard garage connected to the house by a breezeway. It is a part of our Designer Showcase, where we feature high-quality home plans from selected designers that complement our in-house plan portfolio.Please select from the available options or contact us for additional floorplan ideas and modifications.


EXTERIOR: Option #1 - Tan Siding and Light Brown Brick with White Windows and Doors and Black Roof
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First Floor Plan - 1 Option Available

Second Floor Plan - 1 Option Available

Garage Floor Plan - 1 Option Available

Overview - House and Garage with Breezeway Connection

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