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Welcome to DREAM BOOK!

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We believe that every new home should start with a high-quality home plan, and you should be able to visualize your dream home when you are picking a plan.

We design and create all the beautiful home plans you see on our site to meet our high-quality standards for design and construction.  We don’t take submissions from external architects, and we only offer home plans that we would be proud to build ourselves. The plans you see on DREAM BOOK are based upon three generations of homebuilding and design experience, and we have also added the expertise of leading renderers so you can see your selections in photorealistic quality instead of trying to imagine what a line drawing of a floor plan, kitchen, or exterior will look like in real life.  Most plans offer exterior renderings in multiple façades and materials that give each home a completely different look!

Our mission at DREAM BOOK is to offer the highest quality blueprints that anyone can afford, so we priced our plans starting at $1,995 for a PDF set.  We also include multiple options for exteriors, floor plans, and kitchens to help you find the perfect balance for family and entertaining. 

What you get with DREAM BOOK

DREAM BOOK home plans are ready for your builder and your personalized blueprint set will be delivered to you in one-to-two business days.  A DREAM BOOK blueprint consists of elevations, floor plans, electrical layouts, kitchen layouts, framing, wall types, and door and window schedules.  If you want additional adjustments, dream book’s design and architecture team is ready to help, in many cases, at no additional cost!  If you don’t see exactly what you want, give us a call at (440) 444-3304!

DREAM BOOK is more than just beautiful home plans. 

We want DREAM BOOK to be a resource to help dreamers make better decisions when dealing with experienced professionals on what will be the one of the most expensive purchases of their lifetime.  Let’s face it, most people build one or maybe two homes in their entire life.  The contractors and suppliers needed to navigate the homebuilding process have likely been a part of building hundreds or even thousands of homes.  Being prepared and knowledgeable helps you to ask the right questions, demand that your quality standards be met, and be a better customer to build a home that meets your needs, dreams, and expectations.

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We can let you know when new posts are available.  Planned topics you won’t want to miss include:

  • Kitchens - Kitchens are truly the heart of the home. The conversation area when preparing meals.  The congregation area for gatherings.  Find out what makes a great kitchen layout and what to avoid.
  • Traffic Flow – Homes need to be flexible. Considerations include a wide variety of use cases, including everything from entertaining, bringing home groceries, keeping an eye on the kids while preparing meals, and accessibility, to finding private, quiet space.
  • Entertaining – Depending upon time of year, you may be entertaining indoors or out. Each has its own set of requirements and potential pitfalls.  Serving food and refreshments, seating, protection from the elements, bathroom access, and more.
  • Designing for Stage of Life - Young couples starting out. Families with children.  Live-in in-laws.  Guest rooms.  
  • Outdoor Spaces – Extending your home’s livable spaces. Sitting porches, front and rear porches, accessibility, entertaining.
  • Hallways – Hallways play a significant role in the high-quality feel of a home.
  • Ceilings – Let’s discuss the options. 8’, 9’, vaulted ceilings. Open Foyers.  Open great rooms.
  • Choosing the Right Size Home - Square footage. Ranch vs. two-story.  Lot width and depth.  Tax considerations.  Building cost considerations.
  • Timeless Design vs. Trendy Design vs. Fitting into a Neighborhood– what is your goal and how to best achieve it?
  • Garages – Garages can impact the home in many ways. Front load, side load, and courtyard entrance options affect the curb appeal, lot usage, driveway options, general functionality, and more.

Please explore the many options and ideas on our site to find your inspiration, and maybe you will just find the home plan of your dreams!

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